Case Study: BAS Temporary Supermarket

Following the renovation of a shopping centre, a well-known supermarket chain was looking for a fully-fledged, temporary solution to continue to offer its customers the same high level of service to which they were accustomed. Neptunus provided the necessary structures.

The Bas van der Heijden supermarket in Schiedam, the Netherlands was looking for temporary structures for a period of approx. 2 years. The starting point was that customers had to be able to continue to do their shopping while enjoying the same high level of quality. Thanks to its Evolution, the revolutionary temporary building, Neptunus was able to offer the solution, while installing a temporary 2,000 sq.m. supermarket.The supermarket was equipped with a warehouse, cold stores, toilets, canteen and meeting room.

The entrance passage provided a spacious and clear impression. Next to the Bas van der Heijden supermarket, the temporary building also houses a chemist, a liquor store, a cheese shop, a bakery and a newspaper store, meaning customers have a range of services at their disposal.

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Temporary supermarket for BAS Supermarket

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