Emergency structures

Temporary building as COVID-19 test facility

Temporary building as test lane for Covid-19 (Drive thru)

The demand for tests and test materials has been enormous worldwide since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. It is and will remain a major challenge to meet sufficient test capacity, especially now that the demand for corona tests has grown rapidly over recent months. The Dutch Municipal Health Services (GGD) have increased the number of test locations in order to reduce waiting times. GGD had installed a temporary test lane in the form of a tent at several locations, in order to be able to efficiently test people with complaints for Covid-19 via a ‘drive thru’ system. Neptunus previously built an Alure Globe measuring 15×15 metres in Eindhoven and Eersel. A 12x15m hall was built in Venlo and a reed-built Alure Globe of 15x10m was constructed in Urmond. Given the extension and expansion of the activities in the autumn and winter period, they have chosen to replace the current facilities by installing temporary buildings.

Neptunus was approached to think about replacing the temporary test facility. An Evolution II was chosen as the most suitable solution with  a height of almost 8 meters. The temporary buildings are equipped with sectional doors so that the cars can drive easily and safely through 4 lanes. The test line can then be closed after opening time. In the fully covered lane, GGD employees are able to test drivers for Covid-19 by removing throat and nose mucus in a winter proof environment

The test lane at all locations had to be operational as quickly as possible: the construction of the temporary building was completed within 4 days.

With the construction of these temporary test facilities, the GGD branches have increased their capacity in a flexible way and can withstand all weather conditions. Neptunus’ “Evolution” is a temporary building with the properties of a permanent building, but the advantages of a tent. The Evolution is modular, easy to disassemble and reusable, but above all: flexible and fast.

neptune-temporary-test street-GGD-Maastricht-evolution-corona
neptune-temporary-test street-GGD-Maastricht-corona-1

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