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The specialist in temporary buildings for hire, purchase or lease.

The specialist in temporary buildings for hire, purchase or lease.

The specialist in temporary buildings for hire, purchase or lease.

The specialist in temporary buildings for hire, purchase or lease.

The specialist in temporary buildings for hire, purchase or lease.

A temporary building can be used as following:

  • To bridge the gap for a specific period, i.e. during new building works or renovation
  • To replace or extend existing facilities
  • When the existing building no longer meets your requirements
  • Following building damage caused by a disaster such as fire
  • To provide temporary  extra space
  • Where there is uncertainty regarding future space requirements or expansion plans
  • As an alternative to an investment in real estate
  • Providing the flexibility to enable quick reaction to fluctuating market demands
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Temporary Buildings Hire - What are the advantages for you?

  • Flexible timeframes -the portable buildings can be dismantled and removed when they are no longer needed, at a time to suit you.
  • Flexible dimensions and design means the relocatable building can be fully tailored to your requirements.
  • Rapid delivery and short construction times ensures that you are quickly operational again, avoiding the inconvenience of a lengthy disruption to services.
  • Choice of hire, purchase or lease contracts to enable efficient planning and management of costs.
  • The semi-permanent structure can be erected on most sites or surfaces as an extension to your existing building, at a new location, or even on your car park.
  • Suitable for many applications including supermarkets, sports halls, showrooms, theatres and airport terminals. 
  • Sustainable – Energy Label A means energy usage and costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Sustainable – Structures are removable so no unnecessary costs due to vacant buildings.
  • Sustainable – All the materials are fully reusable and recyclable.

Modular building system: developed to order

The modular building system allows flexibility in dimensions and design. It also provides flexibility for when your needs change, as not only can the portable buildings be dismantled after the period of use, but they can also be tailored  to meet your new requirements. Would you like to extend even further? Incorporate an extra floor? Build extra compartments? No problem. The semi-permanent Neptunus construction system is flexible, meaning you are prepared for the future. And you don’t have to take any risk.

Sustainable, semi-permanent structures for a better future

Neptunus structures comply with Energy Label A and they are all reusable. When you hire relocatable buildings from us you can rest assured that all the components and materials are recyclable. What could be more flexible and sustainable than that?

Hire, purchase or lease: your financial future fully mapped out!

Depending on the reasons for your space requirements, you can not only hire but also purchase or even lease the structure. This way, you know that you are only paying for the period when you use the semi-permanent structure. When you hire a relocatable building with us, your costs are clear and you benefit from the very best flexibility, risk free.

There are many reasons why a semi-permanent construction can be advantageous.

For more information on how to hire temporary buildings, view the various applications or contact one of our advisors for customised advice.

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