Temporary buildings

Sustainable, modular and reusable

Flexolution III: semi-permanent, modular structure with an extremely fast construction time

The Flexolution is a multifunctional semi-permanent structure, suitable for a wide range of applications, readily available and quick to install. Based on a 6 metre grid, the widths are clear spans up to 30 metres. The length is unlimited and can be extended in increments of 6 metres. Heights vary depending on the width and application but internal mezzanine floors are possible within higher buildings.

  • Execution within a few weeks
  • Operational life from a few months up to 20 years
  • Modular: Flexible dimensions and design
  • Sustainable: Fully demountable and reusable
  • Energy-saving: Energy label A
  • Complies with the Buildings Decree standards
  • Excellent acoustic values
  • Available to hire or purchase

Consisting of aluminium columns and laminated wooden beams, the structure is fully demountable and relocatable for future use. The walls (120mm thick) have a minimum insulating value of R = 4.96 m2K/W (U = 0.203 W/m2K) and the roof (115mm thick) provides a minimum insulating value of R = 3.29 m2K/W (U = 0.299 W/m2K). Options include insulated wooden floor and aluminium framed double glazed panels and doors.


The Flexolution is a modern temporary building combining strong aesthetic appeal with remarkable solidity and strength. Flexolution offers many of the features of a permanent building, including superior acoustic properties, these can be enhanced by fitting perforated wall panels to provide ideal accommodation for uses such as sports halls and theatres.

The Neptunus Flexolution complies with the European Building Decree and the criteria set out for energy label A.


Is the Flexolution III suitable for you?

Aligned to a basic need for space, the Flexolution can support a business’ long-term objectives as well as provide an interim solution to a temporary problem. Available to rent or buy the Flexolution is ideally suited for use as temporary multi-purpose sports halls, gymnasiums, retail outlets, airport terminals, warehouses and indeed anywhere additional, quality space is needed, fast.


Type Material Thickness R Value * U Value *
Walls Steel sandwich panels 120 mm 4,96 m2k/W 0,203 W/m2K
Walls Steel sandwich panels 80/115 mm 3,26 m2k/W 0,299 W/m2K

* Minimum value

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