Event Structures

Limited space for your event? Go higher with a Multi-Deck hall!

Double & Triple Deck Temporary Structures

Double and Triple Deck Structures provide sophisticated temporary accommodation that impresses. They are perfectly suited for horse racing, car races, cycling events, music events or any other event where clear views and efficient use of floor space is key, as a hospitality area, VIP area, restaurant or plenary space, for example.

By literally lifting your event to a higher level, you can double (or even triple) your available and valuable floor space through a smart solution. With a Double Decker or Triple Decker as a temporary structure, you ensure that your event is given the space, attention and appearance it deserves.
And you do not need to worry about dimensions because Double Deckers and Triple Deckers are available in many widths, the length is unlimited. You can choose from two or three floors, solid side wall panels, luxury glass curtains, atria, balconies and terraces. The possibilities are endless.

  • Choice from 3 designs: With aluminium pitched roof, Globe or Galeria roof structure
  • 2 or 3 floors
  • Various widths; unlimited length
  • Finish with atria, balconies and terraces possible
  • Stairs finished in wood or aluminium
  • Vertical PVC panels, glass panels or (sliding) sails, push bar (glass) doors, emergency doors
  • Roof skins in opaque (non-translucent), 80% translucent or transparent
  • In compliance with European building standard

A-frame roof structure – Multi-Deck hall

The A-frame Multi-storey hall is a double decker or triple decker model with aluminium saddle roof structure. This basic multi-storey hall offers various options to expand with terraces, balconies or atria.

  • Aluminium pitched roof
  • Possibilities for a double-deck platform or extension with a balcony or atrium
  • Width: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 or 32 metres (length unlimited in 5-metre sections)
Technical information Multi Deck Hall

Galeria roof structure - Multi-Deck hall

The Galeria Double Decker and Galeria Triple Decker are real eye catchers thanks to their aluminium gallery roofs. This 4-metre overhang offers the possibility of adding a covered outdoor terrace.

  • Characteristic Galeria roof
  • The 4-metre overhang creates a covered outdoor terrace.
  • Width: 12 or 16 metres (length unlimited in 5-metre sections)
Technical information Multi Deck Galeria

Alu Globe roof structure – Multi-Deck hall

The Alu Globe Double Decker and Alu Globe Triple Decker are aluminium Multi-storey hall structures with characteristic round roofs. The Alu Globe is equipped with a 3-meter roof as standard. This overhang offers the possibility to add a (roofed) outdoor terrace for a fantastic view and atmosphere.

• Curved Alu Globe roof
• The 3-metre overhang creates a covered outdoor terrace.
• Width: 16, 20 or 28 metres (length unlimited in 5-metre sections)

temporary event structures for equestrian outdoor event from neptunus
Temporary event structure for a pinkpop festival


When space is at a premium or a view is picturesque or critical the Neptunus Multi-deck Structures are the ideal choice and are often seen at sporting events, horticultural events, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Are you interested in a Multi-Deck structure?