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The Evolution is a modular building: fully insulated and fast build

Neptunus builds temporary star restaurants "Schwarzwaldstube" and "Köhlerstube"

The assignment

The 5-star hotel “Traube Tonbach” is located in the Tonbach district of Baiersbronn and is run by Heiner Finkbeiner and his family.

There was a fire in Tonbach on 5 January 2020. Over night  the historic headquarters of Traube Tonbach, including Germany’s oldest 3-star restaurant “Schwarzwaldstube”, the one-star restaurant “Köhlerstube” and the traditional “Bauernstube” went up in flames.

In order to be able to cook for guests again as soon as possible and to bridge the construction period of a new permanent building, Neptunus have built a temporary restaurant for the kitchen teams of the two star restaurants.

play TraubeTonbach-Neptunus-Evolution-Restaurant-Baiersbronn

The solution

The idea of ​​a temporary solution on the flat roof of the hotel’s parking garage arose from the desire to allow guests to enjoy the “Köhlerstube” or “Schwarzwaldstube” again as soon as possible. The owners entrusted the design to its close partner architect partnership ARP from Stuttgart. The design and plan of the temporary building for the “Schwarzwaldstube” and “Köhlerstube” was developed by ARP together with Neptunus.

Neptunus built the 600 square meter demountable building on the roof of the parking garage in two weeks. The temporary restaurant offers space for two guest rooms, several kitchens and cooling, storage and staff rooms. Total construction took 8 weeks.  30 large windows provide a lot of light and give the design a bright and open appearance. The interior was finished with about 1600 slats of larch wood, which remind the building of a bird’s nest. The icing on the cake is the panoramic view over the Tonbachtal. The two star restaurants celebrated their comeback at Pentecost: the newly built “temporaire” as the demountable restaurant was christened by Traube Tonbach, offers the two brigades of Torsten Michel and Florian Stolte temporary accommodation – and room for 70 guests.

Temporäres Restaurant "Traube Tonbach" in Baiersbronn

The challenge

The timeline was the biggest challenge. The complete design and construction had to be planned, approved and executed within 4 months. The restaurants and kitchens including the complete equipment, such as electrical systems, cold stores, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, floor coverings, sun blinds, toilets, changing rooms for the staff, goods lift, etc. had to be planned down to the last detail and perfectly coordinated with the construction authority , the city council, the structural engineer, the Finkbeiner family, the architects, the chefs and all ancillary crafts.

The lack of space and location were further major challenges. The restaurant room, kitchens and guest toilets are built in a very small space on the roof of the Hotel Traube Tonbach car park. For this, everything had to be rigged close together on the roof with a construction crane. The top floor of the parking garage housed the staff areas, cold stores, storage areas, wine cellar, utility room, pastry kitchen and technical areas. Even the mandatory Corona break from mid-March did not detract from the renovation plans of the restaurants and the motivation of those involved.

The Verdict

“Our restaurants finally have a home again”, says Heiner Finkbeiner, delighted with the reopening of the Schwarzwaldstube and Köhlerstube for the Whitsun weekend.

Mr. Finkbeiner: “The quality and speed of the work have been very satisfactory. The communication of the sub-trades, also in connection with the local craftsmen on site, went extremely well. Everyone had the same level of knowledge and the collaboration was very professional. Overall, we are very satisfied with our temporaire and what was created there. Thanks to the fast and professional cooperation, we were able to get out of a difficult situation quickly. The temporaire is very popular with our guests and is well booked.”

The renovation of the former headquarters of Traube Tonbach is currently on the schedule and will take until the end of 2021. Until then, the “temporaire” will be used as accommodation for the restaurants. After this period of use, the hall will be demolished and rebuilt elsewhere for a new purpose.


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