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The temporary structure houses the exhibition and a gift shop for visitors.

Neptunus create temporary exhibition space for works of street artist Banksy

Satirical graffiti paintings have made Banksy one of the world’s most acclaimed and mysterious street artists. While the identity of the popular UK painter, political activist and film director remains a closely guarded secret, the mystique has added to his legendary status and attracted a global fan base.

This has led to The Art of Banksy Exhibition, the largest touring display of 145 of Banksy’s most iconic artworks from private collections to create the world’s largest touring collection of authenticated and unique Banksy artworks. The exhibition has already been viewed by over a million people in Melbourne, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney, Washington DC, Boston, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto, Miami, Gothenburg, and London.

The artworks on display include prints, canvasses, screen prints, unique works and limited-edition pieces and lesser-known  works, covering a period from 2002 to 2017, which all come from private collections. In October 2022, the Banksy roadshow moved on to MediaCity at Salford Quays, Manchester, where Neptunus was appointed to create a bespoke exhibition space for the exhibition which is expected attract tens of thousands of visitors over a three-month period.



The Art of Banksy Exhibition in Manchester

The Solution

A 12-strong team of technicians from Neptunus took just four days to create a 1,500 square metre purpose-built temporary exhibition space on the piazza in the centre of MediaCity. The Alure Globe temporary building, complete with thermo roof skins, houses the exhibition and a gift shop for visitors.

Neptunus was also responsible for co-ordinating the cladding of the structure and disability compliant ramps and platforms along with steps for easy access to the exhibition.

The Art of Banksy Exhibition opened to the public on October 21, 2022, and will remain in place until January 8, 2023, when it will take the Neptunus team just three days to dismantle and remove.



The Challenge

MediaCity, one of Europe’s most high-tech cultural centres, is situated in an area that was once one of the world’s biggest industrial ports. The city’s major employment location, it is home to numerous leading UK media organisations and agencies including the North of England operations of BBC and ITV television and is a huge visitor attraction.

The popular piazza is at the heart of MediaCity. Neptunus’ build crew needed to work swiftly and safely in a high-profile and extremely busy environment while thousands of tonnes of equipment were delivered to site in a meticulous planned operation.

The aluminium side panels of the structure also provided a blank canvas for exhibition organisers to place bespoke Banksy-style branding for the exhibition.

The Verdict

Alex Firth, Director of Projects & Productions at The Production Office: “We’re delighted with what the Alure Globe structure has enabled us to achieve in Salford. It’s given us the ideal layout and a wonderful atmosphere for visitors to experience the exhibition. Neptunus’ support through the planning, build and opening phases has been second to none.”



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