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The temporary sports hall facilitates a sports field (264 sqm)

ESV Munich: temporary sports hall

The Assignment
The sports association of E.S.V. in Munich was using a prewar sports hall situated in the city-qaurter development “Baumkirchen Mitte”. For a long time already, the sports hall from 1933 had not been compliant with current building standards and safety regulations. Moreover, it also lacked proper insulation. It was time to replace the sports hall, heavily used by children, the elderly, weightlifters and the local shooting club. The plans for the new sports hall are part of the city-quarter development “Baumkirchen Mitte”. Real Estate firm CA Immo, responsible for the development, also builds the offices, residential and retail properties in the area. In their plans, the old sport hall makes way for the construction of residential buildings, while the new sports hall is planned to be built at a later stage. To bridge the period between the demolition of the old hall and the build of the new, CA Immo was looking for a building partner that could build a temporary sports hall for a good price within a short amount of time.

Neptunus Flexolution ESV München temporäre Sporthalle

The Solution
Neptunus was hired to build – within 4 months after giving the order – a replacing sports hall for the expected period of use of three years. After a preparation time of eight weeks, the temporary sports hall was built in just two months. This Flexolution (24x24m) can be considered as a fully-fledged alternative to a permanent structure. The temporary sports hall facilitates a sports field (264 sqm), weightlifting area (71 sqm), separate dressing rooms and sanitary facilities for men and women and another restroom that is wheelchair accessible. Neptunus also supplied the technical installations, sports equipment, and storage and technical rooms. Since the period of use is set to three years, the choice was made to use a solid wooden sub-floor instead of concrete. This way, there will be no traces of a building left at the location after dismantling. The weightlifting space is equipped with a concrete floor that is separated from the structure. Because the space is used for lifting heavy weights, a concrete subfloor was selected instead of a wooden subfloor in order to avoid possible vibrations.

The advantage of semi-permanent structures is its flexibility and short assembly time. Due to its modular character, the building is not only flexible in design and size, but also in its period of use. When the building is no longer needed, it can be disassembled or moved. This construction is therefore also sustainable, not only due to its high insulation values, but in particular through the reusability of all materials.

Neptunus Flexolution ESV München temporäre Sporthalle

The Challenge
As the former sports hall was to be demolished for the build of new properties, the temporary sports hall had to be ready for use in June. Adding to the already very short building time, at the start of the construction of the hall in April the grounds were not ready to build on yet. During the build, extra storage space was ordered.

The Verdict
Dorrie Eilers, director of Neptunus: ,This project clearly shows how important our flexibility, speed and quality is to our customers. By cooperating close with the client, we were able to deliver the hall to their satisfaction.” Alexander Ernst van CA Immo: ,,the demountable halls of Neptunus are of very high quality. The short time it took to build it has impressed us. Neptunus is a very dedicated and pleasant businesspartner.

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