Emergency structures

 Neptunus built an Alure Globe 15x10m within 1 day

Triage Room for Hospital Geldrop

The Assignment
The St. Anna Hospital in Geldrop needed a large triage facility for the emergency room as an extra measure in dealing with the coronavirus.  Neptunus supplied and built an Alure Globe 15x10m within 1 day.


The Solution
Neptunus was approached for an emergency triage room. After a site visit, the construction of this triage tent was immediately started on Friday morning 20 March. A Neptunus Alure Globe temporary structure was provided which has a high sidewall height and cassette flooring system. The tent will be partitioned and equipped with water, electricity, lighting, toilet facilities and HVAC.

In the triage tent, doctors can assess the severity of the complaints per patient and decide which patients need urgent help. The hospital expects a larger influx of patients due to the pandemic.


The Challenge
The time schedule. From enquiry (Wednesday March 18th) to construction (Friday March 20th).  Neptunus ensured that the triage tent could be operational as soon as possible.

The Result
With the construction of this large medical tent at the emergency department the hospital St. Anna in Geldrop is prepared for a large influx of patients.

Surface area                                       150 sqm
Installation time                             
1 day (+ internal fit-out 1 day)
as long as necessary

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