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Built on highly uneven terrain and required to withstand the weight of the 9,000 kg trucks

Neptunus supports Actros Truck Launch

Temporary structures specialist Neptunus has supplied German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz with 2,000 sq m of temporary space for the launch of its new technically advanced HGV (heavy goods vehicle), the Actros. Over 200 brand new trucks were poised for test drives from prospective commercial vehicle dealers at the launch near Reutlingen in Germany earlier this year. The Neptunus project team constructed three Evolution structures over two locations with nine metre high walls to form an exhibition hall in which to showcase the trucks.

Mercedes dealers from all over the world were invited to the former military airport in Münsigen for a test drive, followed by the evening events at the third structure in Schloss Monrepos in Ludwigsburg. Built on highly uneven terrain and required to withstand the weight of the 9,000 kg trucks, the project proved to be particularly challenging. To overcome these obstacles, Neptunus installed scaffolding underneath the flooring to form a level surface, which was toughened with 400 concrete blocks each weighing one tonne. This specialised reinforced flooring system provided the heavy tucks with a stable foundation.

The most technically advanced temporary structure available in today’s market, the Neptunus Evolution is manufactured in-house using durable components and comes fully insulated. It is quick to construct, with the roofs assembled at ground level and raised by hydraulics to ensure a speedy installation. Evolution provides the look and feel of a permanent building at a fraction of the cost. A mezzanine floor was also installed to provide an impressive view over the trucks.


The highlight of the evening event was a dinner show, where 120 m of glass paneling within the structure was darkened using a remote-controlled blackout facility. A few months on, and in keeping with Neptunus’ sustainable approach, the structures have been disassembled for use in future applications with no trace of the temporary structures’ presence. “A temporary building is often the perfect solution for an event,” comments April Trasler, Neptunus’ UK Managing Director. “The structures are easy to construct and dismantle but have the look, feel and security of a permanent structure minus any heavy cost implications.“The Evolution suited Mercedes-Benz as it allowed 75 per cent of the structure to be constructed of glass panels, which allowed a remote-controlled blackout facility. This was ideal for creating a dramatic mood to showcase the Actros trucks,” concludes April.

Neptunus can also provide bespoke event structures in numerous styles, dimensions and combinations, from simple pergolas to three storey penthouses complete with balconies. Neptunus has provided structures for high profile events including London Fashion Week, Wimbledon and regularly provides solutions to blue-chip companies including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Philips and Volkswagen.


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