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When it comes to the Christmas party season more and more event organisers are turning to Neptunus to create high-class party venues

Christmas Parties: high-class party venues

The Assignment
When it comes to the Christmas party season more and more event organisers are turning to Neptunus to create high-class party venues around the UK.

In 2014 Neptunus’ ability to rapidly erect spacious and stylish structures saw nine assignments successfully delivered on grassfield and hard-standing sites for clients including Best Parties EverSmart Hospitality and Planit Events.

Neptunus’ technicians were asked to create a range of flexible venues to accommodate gatherings for 600 to 1,200 party goers which could easily be uniquely themed.

The Solution
Ultra spacious Alure and Alu Hall structures provided the perfect ‘blank canvas’ environment in which to create stylish different themes or atmospheres. In 2014 Neptunus supplied over 19,000 square metres of clear span temporary venues that formed the backdrop for a range of a spectacular Christmas Party themes from the ‘Roaring Twenties’ to Russian Winter Wonderlands and exotic Morrish ‘Touch of Eastern’ nights.

Each venue had a grand entrance with reception, dining and bar areas along with plenty of space for cabaret-style entertainment and dance floors. Space was also provided to accommodate cloakrooms, toilet facilities, kitchens and bar storage areas.

On average it takes a 12-strong technical crew from Neptunus just three days to erect a party venue and two days to dismantle.

In 2014 a variety of venues were created by Neptunus at locations including London, Nottingham, Billericay, St Albans and Windsor.

The Challenges
Speed is paramount when it comes to temporary Christmas parties. Structures need to be erected swiftly and safely allowing plenty of time for the all-important internal fit-out of each of the installations which are individually themed and changed every year. Technicians creating venues on green field sites, parks and gardens need to take particular care to ensure the landscape is not damaged during build and dismantling.

In 2014 Neptunus worked with Planit Events to install structures for the stunning Supanova venue at London’s Embankment Gardens, a notoriously sensitive site which requires precision planning and attention to detail.

The Verdict
Will Bailey of Planit Events Ltd says: “Our Company has hired tented structures from the UK’s leading suppliers for 20 years. We used Neptunus for the first time at the end of 2014 to provide a 3,200m² complex at Embankment Gardens. They have the best structures that we have used to date. They were built by an inspired and motivated team. The complicated build and the strike were extremely efficient and ahead of schedule. Great companies offering a great service have ties be well lead. Neptunus is no exception.”

Best Parties Ever Managing Director Tim Stevens says: “We chose to work with Neptunus again after their site crews showed great efficiency and professionalism in assisting quick installations last year. This gave our teams the time and space to deliver a complicated internal fit-out based on the party theme. The structures were also disassembled swiftly and the sites were returned to their former state within a few days.”

Neptunus also provide the infrastructure for 1,200 guests for Smart Hospitality’s award-winning Christmas Party venue at Willow Farm, St Alban’s which won ‘Best Christmas Party Package’ at the 2013 Event Awards.

Christmas Parties
Christmas Parties

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