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Neptunus provided a fully equipped sports hall with three sports courts within just 4 months

Neptunus builds temporary sports hall for Ludwigsburg University of Education

In 2017, the sports hall and the adjacent swimming pool of the Ludwigsburg University of Education were closed due to structural problems. Replacement sports facilities were found for the students in Karlsruhe-Dorlach, Steinbach and Albstadt. A new building is currently being planned and expected to be completed in 2023. There were however disadvantages of the alternative locations, such as restrictions, travel time and costs which led to the idea of renting a temporary sports hall. Neptunus, specialist in temporary buildings, gladly accepted the assignment.

The Solution

Neptunus provided a fully equipped sports hall, using their Flexolution 48m x 30m x 8.5m which was built in just 4 months.  A smaller structure, Flexolution II, 9 x 48 x 4.25 m, was built adjacent to the sports hall. This small hall contains a technical room, changing rooms, sanitary facilities and equipment storage.

The temporary sports hall has three sports courts with two electrical partitions for optimal flexibility using the hall.  A professional sports floor with line markings for multi-sport use was laid. Furthermore, the hall was equipped with shock protection, sound-absorbing wall panels and tilted windows for the necessary fresh air. Special ball-proof lighting creates a pleasant, bright environment. Basketball hoops, climbing frames and various sports equipment ensure that the pupils have a professional and varied range of sports.

The Flexolution I & II structures developed by Neptunus were used for this sports hall. The characteristics of these temporary halls are hardly distinguishable from those of a permanent building. Thanks to the modular construction, the sports hall could be provided entirely according to the client’s wishes. Two adjacent halls of different heights were deliberately chosen in order to be able to work cost-efficiently. Both buildings were fully equipped and fit for purpose, to the same standard as in a permanent building.

The challenges

At the beginning of the project, Neptunus worked with the architect to gather all the necessary information for the building permit and to make preparations for the construction of the hall.

The university hoped to open the sports hall on its own grounds after the Christmas holidays, in January 2020. To fulfil this wish, a height difference of 35 cm first had to be overcome. This problem was solved by concrete foundations of different heights with integrated anchor bolts. After the civil engineer started work in September, Neptunus was able to start building the hall at the end of October.

Neptunus engaged with various subcontractors to deliver the technical building equipment, the gas/water supply and the complete furnishings. The fire alarm and escape route plans, as well as the corresponding signage for the hall, were also part of the Neptunus services.

Thanks to a smooth delivery with all parties involved, Neptunus was able to hand over the hall to the client within 4 months and by the agreed date.

The Verdict

Auer Weber and GSH-Architekten (site management) would like to thank Neptunus for the good team spirit and the open and trustful cooperation. (Architectural services: preparation of tender, design and approval planning, colour and material concept, overall coordination).

Temporary sports hall for Ludwigsburg University of Education
Temporary sports hall for Ludwigsburg University of Education
Temporary sports hall for Ludwigsburg University of Education
Temporary sports hall for Ludwigsburg University of Education
Temporary sports hall for Ludwigsburg University of Education

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