Temporary Film Studios and TV Production Sets

Temporary Film Studios

Built for purpose, our temporary film set and television studio structures are designed to meet the highly particular and time-critical nature of the production sector. Where you require flexibility, we provide it via a variety of modular construction options that can be tailored to suit any given project over any timeframe.

Our custom temporary structures provide unrivalled speed of construction and suitability − both as standalone solutions and complementary extensions to existing infrastructure − and offer much needed affordability in a key area of the trade. In a demanding and ever-changing industry, our temporary production sets cover every base.

Evolve your production with our temporary film sets and TV studios

Appropriate filming space across the country is limited and the rigours of building a film studio are neither time nor cost-effective for the average production outlet. So, we identified an opportunity to create temporary production sets that meet the demands and standards of the job at hand, while offering the adaptability that virtually all industry projects require.

Take our Evolution structure, for example. One of the most technologically advanced temporary accommodation types available on the market, the Evolution provides flexible height range and free span (up to 17m and 60m respectively), mezzanine level installation, insulated walls, rigid flooring and a fixed, stable roof.

When it comes to production, the Evolution offers outstanding security, soundproofing and acoustics, exemplified by its centre stage role at the NATO 70th Anniversary Summit, as well as multiple other key summits in Poland, Germany and Belgium. Across Europe, we have built temporary theatres and conference centres for both short-term and long-term use

An existing solution that eliminates ambient noise and can be tailored to required DB levels, the Evolution also boasts extremely quick assembly time thanks to hydraulic lifting technology – making it the ideal temporary film set or tv studio choice.

Flexibility in our design, flexibility in your production studio
Tight deadlines, changing conditions and diversified on-set requirements are all typical of the average film or tv production. Our temporary production studios are designed with all of the above in mind.

With any Neptunus structure you have access to:

  • Large, free span structures that are flexible in design
  • Rapid build and design to meet any tight project start and end deadlines
  • Long term solutions, spanning to months and years

Permanent buildings don’t make practical or financial sense for the short-lived nature of many productions. With us your investment, like your project, is temporary, making our temporary film studios the perfect resolution for the needs of today’s industry.

Temporary film studios and TV production sets from Neptunus

We understand that every project is different, so whatever your needs or requirements, we can provide a customised solution for you. Why not get in touch with our expert team and we’ll show you what we can achieve together.

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