Fully demountable and reusable

Temporary Housing

If you have a potential increase or temporary demand for accommodation then Neptunus Temporary Housing could be the solution you are looking for.

Whether it’s a temporary school, temporary office or residential accommodation, Neptunus offers demountable temporary housing. Flexible dimensions means the structure can be tailored to your requirements. The temporary building can be dismantled and removed when it is no longer needed, at a time to suit you.

Dual purpose temporary building Trinity College Oxford
03.07.19 Oxford Neptunus structures assembled at Trinity College, Oxford
  • Ideal for urgent or temporary accommodation needs

  • Built within a few weeks, fully demountable and reusable

  • For a flexible period up to 20 years, relocatable if necessary

  • Fully insulated

  • Sustainable: Can be fully dismantled and reused

  • Modular: Flexible dimensions and design

  • Easy to partition

  • Appearance and characteristics of a permanent building

housing Case Studies

Snoozebox Portable Hotel

When is temporary housing beneficial for you?

  • If you need extra space fast
  • There is increasing demand for extra space to accommodate employees, students or residents
  • To bridge a gap for a specific period i.e. during rebuilding or renovation works
  • To replace or extend existing facilities
  • Following a disaster such as a fire

There are many reasons why temporary housing might be beneficial for you. For information or advice please contact Neptunus.

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