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Temporary Conference Spaces & Theatres

Plans for your latest theatre performance or conference are well underway but existing theatres and venues do not offer the facilities to suit your exact requirements. In cases like these, a customised semi-permanent theatre or conference venue may be the solution.

Perhaps you’ve seen a venue where you want to hold a show or a concert but it doesn’t have a suitable building? Or maybe you have a roadshow that is touring the country and needs temporary accommodation at each destination. Either way, we can provide a temporary building that can meet your individual requirements.

The structure can also be added to your existing venue to create a grand theatrical space complete with foyer and hospitality area, or it could be a smaller venue for a more intimate gathering. Neptunus’ semi-permanent structures are completely re-locatable buildings, which are quick to build and dismantle, enabling your show or conference to reach audiences up and down the country.

Use your Neptunus temporary structure for as long as you need it – for a few months or several years. It offers completely flexible space for the duration of your show or conference to meet the demands of your audiences.

An additional floor or balcony is quick and easy to install in a Neptunus semi-permanent building and we can guide you through the licensing process. Interior space can also be increased to accommodate the demand for a particular show or conference.

Neptune-Evolution-Temporary Theater
  • Flexible interior space to create the atmosphere you want

  • Fast delivery and build times

  • Operational life from a few months to several years

  • Fully insulated

  • Sustainable: Can be fully dismantled and reused

  • Modular: Flexible dimensions and design

  • Easy to partition

  • Appearance and characteristics of a permanent building

  • Turnkey solutions from concept and execution to handover

  • Available for hire or purchase

conferences & theatres Case Studies

RWTH University

conferences & theatres Case Studies

Netherlands EU Presidency Convention Centre

conferences & theatres Case Studies

Temporary theatre in Berlin

conferences & theatres Case Studies

UN Climate Change Conference COP 23

When is a temporary theatre or conference structure beneficial for you?

  • If popular venues do not meet your requirements or are fully booked for months in advance
  • To bridge a gap for a specific period i.e. whilst your existing theatre or conference space is being renovated
  • To replace or extend existing facilities
  • Following a fire or other disaster at your permanent building
  • There is no possibility to build a permanent theatre or conference venue in your area, despite high demand
  • The duration of the show or conference is uncertain, meaning maximum flexibility is required.

There are many reasons why a temporary theatre or conference space might be beneficial for you. For information or advice, please contact a Neptunus representative.

More information about our solutions?

There are many reasons why a temporary theatre or conference space might be beneficial for you. For information or advice, please contact a Neptunus representative.

How long can temporary venues be used for?

Our venues are designed to last for as long as you need them. Whether that’s a couple of days, weeks or months.

In fact, as our structures are virtually indistinguishable from permanent structures, some of our clients have even had their Neptunus structures in place for over 10 years!

Do I have to buy a temporary theatre or conference centre?

Not at all. Our flexible temporary venues all come with flexible payment options. With our temporary theatres and conference venues, you’ll have the option to purchase the building outright, or hire the venue for as long as you need it with a tailored payment plan.

As part of our consultation process, we’ll always be upfront about the costs and fully discuss the different finance options available. We don’t expect you to buy the temporary building at the end of your contract date either, as all our structures are re-usable and sustainable.

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