Temporary dining facilities Merck

The Assignment

The expansion of Merck Group’s headquarters in Frankfurter Straße in Darmstadt gave the company a problem. As an innovation center was built where the company’s canteen was situated, Merck called upon Neptunus to supply temporary dining facilities.

The Solution

In just two weeks in July 2014, Neptunus supplied an Evolution II 30m x 30m structure to form a dining hall and 15m x 30m kitchen area. The 6m high walls are made of 6cm thick insulated sandwich panels that fit perfectly with the silver-grey aesthetics of the temporary building while an insulated ceiling ensures the acoustic characteristics. The cassette flooring with cavity absorbs the installations. As sustainability is very important to Neptunus, all materials of the temporary dining hall can be reused easily.

As main contractor, Neptunus was responsible for the entire project managing and working closely with all subcontractors to ensure a high-end solution was delivered on time. The temporary dining facilities required the complete installation of water and sewerage, power supply, heating, fire and voice alarms as well as a lightning and smoke protection systems between the kitchen and the restaurant, sunscreen, automatic doors and toilets. The new PVC floor has the slip resistance class R11 while the serving counters, salad bar and furniture were moved from the old canteen.

The temporary kitchen features a technical room, containers for hot and cold kitchen grease traps, two refrigerated containers, a freezer container, a rinse container and staff changing rooms as well as a conveyor belt to return dishes from the restaurant to the kitchen.

The Challenge

This temporary restaurant had to be equipped with all the basic connections, comforts and security systems including: water and sewage systems, heating, sanitation, fire extinguishing systems, lightning defense systems, and other security systems. Other additions were smoke detectors, blinds and automatic doors. The whole project needed to be completed within a very short timespan.

The Verdict

Dorrie Eilers, director of Neptunus said: "Even in Darmstadt we delivered the building - despite all extra services - on time."

The team, led by Merck’s Roberto Jülich, head of the plant gastronomy, is satisfied: “The kitchen and restaurant is running since early December without any problems. Everything is high-quality, functional, energy efficient and sustainable. It’s a pleasure to work here. And the main thing: the employees are satisfied.”

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