Temporary Dining Halls

If you are thinking of expanding your business and are considering hiring more staff on a temporary or permanent basis you may also need to extend your staff dining facilities.  Ever thought of a temporary building solution?

Neptunus temporary buildings are an ideal solution for a canteen or pop-up restaurant.  They are sustainable and relocatable with modular dimensions and fast delivery.  Aligned to a basic need for space, Neptunus temporary buildings can support a business’ long-term objectives as well as provide an interim solution to a temporary problem.

As a cost-effective alternative to real estate, Neptunus temporary buildings can also enable businesses to market test a new location when there may be uncertainty regarding future space requirements or expansion plans.  

Available for hire or purchase temporary space offers maxiumum flexibility.

  • Rigid roof and walls, no fabric parts.

  • Fast delivery and build times.

  • Useful operational life from a few months to several years.

  • Engery efficient: Fully insulated.

  • Sustainable: Can be fully dismantled and reused.

  • Modular: Flexible dimensions and design.

  • Appearance and characteristics of a permanent building.

  • Minimal foundation requirements.

  • Hire or purchase options available.

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