Temporary Ice Rinks & Winter Event Structures

Are you looking for:

  • A temporary ice rink or stable floor as a base for an ice rink in your city centre?
  • Attractive accommodation or covering for your winter event?
  • A catering pavilion for your winter event or ice rink?

...and do you want attractive, well-insulated temporary accommodation?
Then Neptunus has the solution for you.

Flexible and sustainable

Our marquees, pavilions, halls and accommodation are available in many designs and sizes and can be assembled and dismantled very quickly. All of our marquees can be linked together and are exceptionally snow resistant. What's more, they are equipped with insulated walls and an insulated roof for optimum energy savings.

Stable system floor designed for temporary ice rinkshe Neptunus raised system floor is unparalleled and the floor sections are often used as a sturdy,stable base for temporary ice rinks.

Neptunus marquees, pavilions and halls can be used for your

  • Ice rink floor and cover
  • Ice sculpture land
  • Temporary winter restaurant
  • Catering pavilion
  • Party tent

Check out our case studies of Christmas Parties and Alpine Ski World Cup.

Do you want to find out about the possibilities for your winter event or would you like more information? Please contact one of our advisors.

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Ice Rinks & Winter Events

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