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Temporary Airport Terminals

All airports have to consider seasonal busy periods in their yearly planning. Terminals with insufficient space experience over-crowding, increased pressure on airport services and general dissatisfaction amongst travellers. The potential for a shortage in capacity is a good reason to make use of a Neptunus temporary, semi-permanent airport terminal during busy times of the year.

In addition, the demand for terminals in civil aviation has increased dramatically with many military and transport airports now being used. These airports are often ill-equipped to cope and lack the necessary facilities. Instead of renovating or building new airports, a Neptunus temporary, semi-permanent terminal offers a flexible and practical solution to overcoming these problems.

Neptunus temporary terminals are completely re-locatable and can be erected on most sites and surfaces. Once a temporary terminal is no longer required, it can be quickly dismantled and moved to a different site or location to begin its next useful purpose. Offering maximum flexibility, Neptunus temporary buildings allow airports to react quickly to fluctuating market demands and different space requirements.

The advantages of a temporary terminal:

  • Equipped with all usual facilities such as check-in desks, luggage handling, comfortable departure lounges and customs provisions

  • Can also be used as aircraft hangars

  • Rapid delivery and build times

  • Operational life from a few months to several years

  • Fully insulated

  • Sustainable: Can be fully dismantled and reused

  • Modular: Flexible dimensions and design

  • Easy to partition

  • Appearance and characteristics of a permanent building

  • Turnkey solutions from concept and execution to handover

  • Hire or purchase

airport terminals Case Studies

Temporary terminal Berlin Schönefeld Airport

airport terminals Case Studies

Terminal Magdeburg–Cochstedt

When is a semi-permanent terminal beneficial for you?

  • The existing airport has insufficient capacity
  • For expansion projects without the need to build permanent terminals
  • To bridge a gap for a specific period, such as during renovation works or the construction of new terminals
  • For extra temporary space during peak seasons or during major events such as the Olympics
  • To replace or extend existing facilities
  • In the event of a disaster, such as a fire in airport terminals or hangars.

There are many reasons why a temporary terminal might be beneficial for you. For information or advice, please contact a Neptunus representative.

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