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Stars in terms of style and ambience

Pluto, Mars & Jupiter Event Tents: pagoda structures with a clear span aluminium framework and peaked roof

Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter marquees are stars in terms of style and ambience. They are ideally suited for national lifestyle fairs, culinary events, promotional villages or any other outdoor events. These stars, with their pointed roofs, are also welcome guests at stylish private gatherings or weddings.

With the different dimensions and shapes of the three tents, they can be used in new ways every time, either standalone or in playful combinations. The difference? The dimensions.

The pagoda structures come as standard with a white opaque roof canopy (non-permeable to light) 80% and sliding PVC sidewall panels, one wall featuring a window. The Pluto is equipped with a raised Neptunus cassette floor as standard. The sidewall height remains the same for all dimensions at 2.5 metres.

  • The roof canopy always stays taut
  • The Neptunus raised cassette floor ensures a stable and robust base
  • Stylish pagoda design
neptunus 3d pluto pagodetent

The square Pluto is available in five sizes: 3 x 3 metres (9 m2), 4 x 4 metres (16 m2), 5 x 5 metres (25 m2), 6 x 6 metres (36 m2), 8 x 8 metres (64 m2).

3d mars neptunus pagodetent

The rectangular Mars is available in two sizes: 3 x 6 meters (18 m2) and 4 x 8 meters (32 m2).

Neptunus 3d jupiter pagodetent

The hexagonal Jupiter is available in three sidewall sizes: 3 metres (23 m2), 4 metres (44 m2) and 5 metres (65 m2).



The versatile pagoda structures are ideal for use at country fairs, culinary events, exhibitions, weddings and parties.

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