Urgent temporary cover

Do you need extra space to comply with the rules of social distancing for your visitors, employees or clients?

Where temporary space is needed, Neptunus is the right partner for you. We provide temporary structures and buildings for various applications – fast and cost-effective. Do you need extra space to comply with the rules of social distancing for your visitors, employees or clients? Are you looking for extra storage space? Whatever your space requirements, Neptunus has a range of tents, temporary accommodation and emergency buildings for your space needs.

In need of extra accommodation?

Do you need extra space for your employees, guests, clients, pupils or children? We have a wide variety of structures that can be used for these applications and we will be happy to help you with your space requirement needs.  Our structures can be used for extra workplaces, company canteens, school buildings or childcare facilities.

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Extra storage and distribution space

Do you have a restaurant, café or covered terrace?  Does your current space allow to you to maintain social distancing between your guests and staff?  Our structures can be erected quickly in varying sizes to accommodate current social changes.

Our structures – like our Alu Hall and Alure Globe – are fitted with a raised cassette floor as standard and can be partitioned if desired. Walls, floors and ceiling can easily be dressed for a tailored look. You may also wish to use existing furnishings and design which can be extended into the extra space. The possibilities are endless.

Online orders are increasing and delivery services are working overtime. As a result, there may be a need for extra storage space for orders and stock. Neptunus provides tents and temporary buildings for all types of storage and warehousing. From the basic Alu Hall to the ingenious Evolution, which has the look and feel of a permanent building.

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Petrochemical industry: need extra space quickly?

Do you have a ‘turnaround’, ‘stop’, shutdown’ planned soon? Or do you have a peak in your planning due to circumstances and quickly need extra storage, canteen facilities, dressing or instruction room? We can quickly erect a tent or temporary building on your site for a period of time that you wish.

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The advantages of our urgent temporary cover

  • Tailored to meet your requirements

  • Built and fitted-out within a few days

  • Flexible in size, design and period

  • Can be connected to an existing building

  • Easy to partitioned

Applications for Urgent temporary cover

Interested in urgent temporary cover?