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Neptunus mini structure goes on show at Frieze London Art Fair

Neptunus’ temporary structures inspired an American artist’s innovative exhibit at Frieze London, as part of Frieze Projects, the art fair’s acclaimed non-profit programme of artist commissions.

Rachel Rose, winner of the 2015 Frieze Artist Award supported by the LUMA Foundation, created a miniature version of the giant Alu Hall structures, that Neptunus built in The Regents Park for the venue of the highly acclaimed international art fair.

Rachel, who is based in New York, designed a tent-within-a-tent concept for her unique work to respond to the fair environment of the event.  Each day inside the structure, lighting and sound design simulated the sense frequencies of a different animal inhabiting Regent’s Park including a fox, a mouse, a newt, a robin and a stickleback.

Rachel says: “I’ve made a scaled miniature version of the Frieze Art Fair tent, and if you go into the tent you will find theatre lights and large concert speakers.  The lights are projecting specific coulours and the speakers are playing music that you may recognise, or you may not recognise, but it’s being filtered through the frequency that another animal hears and the lights are expressing a spectrum that the animal sees in.”                                                             

April Tasler, Neptunus Managing Director, says: “I was amazed as I toured the art fair to discover a replica of our Alu Halls on display as one of the exhibits. At Neptunus we say our structures are state-of-the-art but we can now say they are actually a work of art too!”

It’s not the first time that Neptunus has figured amongst the exhibits at Frieze London. Last year another New York artist Matthew Lutz-Kinoy thought pedestals were unsuitable to place his ceramic works on and went off in search of an inspirational new way to display his art. His solution was to use some of Neptunus’ timber links used to pack under the aluminium legs of the sophisticated steel understructure supporting the giant temporary exhibition halls.

Added April: “We thought last year was impressive but this year we had an entire mini structure on display. Rachel’s concept is brilliant but it was also quite surreal to see our tent within the tent.”

Frieze London, one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs, saw more than 160 international acclaimed galleries showcasing artwork and sculptures from October 14-17 in a bespoke temporary exhibition venue constructed by Neptunus.

Neptunus also provided the neighbouring venue for Frieze Masters which attracted over 120 leading international galleries for a unique exhibition of antiquities, old masters art and 20th-century pieces at an event that ran in tandem with Frieze London. Both events attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

It took a 60 strong team of technicians from Northamptonshire-based Neptunus to erect seven full size Alu Halls and a range of additional structures covering a total of 40,500 square metres of facilities for both events –  a space which is the equivalent to nearly six Wembley football pitches.

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