Neptunus starts building modular education building for TU Delft

Neptunus starts building modular education building for TU Delft

In November, Neptunus started the build of a new, temporary, and modular university building for the Technical University in Delft (TU Delft). The building will be as sustainable as possible. Almost the entire building will consist of reusable and circular materials. The roof will be equipped with solar panels, the floor has been used before during the London Olympics and the university building will be furnished with refurbished furniture.

The foundation of the building, called Flux, has just been completed. This week, Neptunus started the installation of the insulated wooden floor, the storey floor and the walls and roofs. “At the beginning of April, the construction of the building will be completed, and we can start with the interior design,” said Dorrie Eilers, director of Neptunus. “In September, Flux will be put into use.”

The temporary education building will remain in place for a maximum of 10 years. It will have a total surface of 2,115 m², providing space for four lecture halls and 20 study places. The lecture halls in the building are intended for a combination of frontal teaching and collaboration. “There is an increasing demand for this,” says TU Delft’s asset manager of teaching space Paul Uiterdijk. “In addition, the rooms can also be used as examination rooms, for which they are ideally suited.”

temporary school building Neptunus

Neptunus uses the Flexolution-technology. Dorrie Eilers: “This is a modular and sustainable way of building that we have been practicing and developing for 10 years. This building for TU Delft is already one of the showpieces built using this technology. Besides reusable and recyclable materials, the temporary building will also be equipped with sustainable installations, such as solar panels and a heat pump.”

After the period of use, the building can be dismantled and reassembled at a different location. This could be for the university, but also for another application.

Our work with TU Delft showcases our commitment to sustainable, modular, and reusable building solutions. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Contact Neptunus for your next project and experience the future of building today.

tijdelijk onderwijsgebouw TU Delft

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