Neptunus debuts innovative new structure at Tomorrowland music festival

Neptunus debuts innovative new structure at Tomorrowland music festival

Events structure specialists Neptunus has debuted its latest innovative structure – called the Salacia – at the Tomorrowland music festival, where tens of thousands of festival-goers inaugurated the spectacular circular construction.

Specifically designed Tomorrowland, themed ‘Amicorum Spectaculum – Magic will happen’, in Boom, Belgium, the Salacia was built on floating pontoons in the ‘Garden of Madness’ area of the event.

“We are very proud that this fully-rounded structure is being built for the first time at Tomorrowland,” says Neptunus director Dorrie Eilers. “Our research and development department is continuously working on developing new and existing products and sometimes innovations are propelled by our customers, just like now. After a number of years, Tomorrowland wanted something new, something that has never been built before. This was a challenge we were keen to accept and, after some creative sessions, we came up with this completely round structure – something that is not easy to do in construction terms. It’s an excellent addition to our product range in our 80th anniversary year!”

The new structure, which was named Salacia after the female Roman divinity of the sea and wife of Neptune, joins the Evolution series. It is an eye-catcher for any event due to its multifunctional use. Offering a clear span of 30 metres, it can be extended with a five-metre canopy. Its height is variable between eight and 12 metres, and the structure can be open or closed in with walls or glass panels. The roof is hydraulically lifted into place allowing for fast construction. In addition, the Salacia can also be added, as a semicircle, to our existing Evolution structure range.

Elsewhere on the festival site, Neptunus built a Galeria Tripledecker structure to provide the Main Comfort VIP area. This 2,400m2 hall is characterised by its three storeys and unique roof construction and gave visitors great views of the main stage.

Finally, Neptunus built the LEAF area, a floating bar lounge with two pontoon lanes across to the banks.

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