Neptunus create exhibition space for works of street artist Banksy

Neptunus creates exhibition space for works of street artist Banksy

Neptunus has built a temporary exhibition space for The Art of Banksy exhibition which has opened in MediaCity, Salford and runs until 8 January 2023. Following a successful year-long run in London and critical acclaim around the world, The Art of Banksy has gathered 145 iconic pieces from private collections across the globe to create the world’s largest touring collection of authenticated and unique Banksy artworks.

Temporary structure specialists Neptunus were assigned to create a temporary purpose-built exhibition space on the piazza in the centre of MediaCity to display many of Banksy most notorious works along with pieces of his art rarely seen by the public.

A 12-strong team of Neptunus’ technicians took just four days to construct a 1,500 square metre Alure Globe temporary building, complete with thermos roof skins, to house the exhibition and a gift shop for visitors.

Staged by Art of Banksy Touring Ltd, the exhibition displays prints, canvasses, screen prints, unique works and limited-edition pieces and lesser-known  works, covering a period from 2002 to 2017.

This major exhibition has already brought Banksy’s era defining works to over one million people, all across the globe including Melbourne, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney, Washington DC, Boston, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto, Miami, Gothenburg, and London. Now the North of England has the chance to experience the infamous artist’s most well-known works, alongside those rarely seen by the public.


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