Case Study: UN Climate Conference Temporary Buildings

It is headline news all over the world; the Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Neptunus , trendsetter in designing and buildings tents and temporary structures, is also making its own contribution and has supplied metres and metres of extra ‘green’ space.

The Climate Conference will take place between 7 and 18 December under the flag of the United Nations. The goal is to sign a new global treaty for the combat against climate change. In keeping with this theme Neptunus extremely climate-friendly Evolution was chosen as temporary extra conference space. Apart from the 63,000m² the Bella Center is already offering, Neptunus is erecting another 14,000m² of Evolution halls on the grounds of the congress centre in Copenhagen. That’s another 11 football fields!

The extra space will be used among others for accreditation and screening of participants and visitors. More than 100 different delegation meeting rooms, many offices, and staff rooms were delivered turn-key.
Neptunus connected the halls to each other and also to the Bella Center via a system of gates so that it creates one whole entity.

The Neptunus’ Evolution was chosen because of its appearance and technical characteristics that are in no way inferior to any other type of permanent building. The concept that was designed completely in-house by Neptunus, is renowned for its impeccable insulation properties and high-quality appearance. The semi-permanent buildings are also completely dismantleable, so they can be used time and time again. This notion of temporary accommodation fits in perfectly with the theme of the conference therefore.

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‘Green’ Neptunus structures for UN Climate Conference

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