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Neptunus-Flexolution-Hema-Arnhem-Temporary store
flexolution 3

Flexolution III

The Flexolution III is an ingenious semi-permanent structure that goes one step further towards a permanent building. The Flexolution is…

Neptunus Evolution McLaren Hatfield Temporary Showroom
Neptunus Flexolution Showroom Mclaren Hatfield Temporary Showroom
Neptunus Flexolution Temporary Building dual purpose Trinity College Oxford
Neptunus Flexolution Temporary Building dual purpose Trinity College Oxford

Flexolution II

The Flexolution II is a newly developed temporary building based on the successful Neptunus Flexolution building range. This fully modular…

Neptunus Products

Designed and constructed for a range of applications and events, our temporary buildings and event structures cover every eventuality.

No temporary structure requirement is ever the same as the next, so the structure you choose must suit your needs exactly. As experts in designing and building these structures, we understand this completely, which is why we offer only premium temporary and modular buildings, guaranteeing you a robust space with no long-term commitment.

Our range spans numerous designs and functions, from events tents to temporary sports halls or pagoda structures, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to finding your ideal product. Using the latest in technological advances, all our modular and temporary buildings ensure a high level of practicality and sustainability, which is just one of the reasons why we’re so widely revered.

While our variety of events tents are perfect for social gatherings – like award ceremonies, festivals and exhibitions – our temporary structures can be used as showrooms or retail spaces. In addition, we offer a variety of industrial buildings, all of which – like all Neptunus structures – deliver the highest quality available. Built for easy set-up, all temporary and modular buildings that we offer are simple to assemble and transport. Thanks to our team of highly trained employees, you needn’t struggle with either task during your temporary building hire – we can do it all for you.

Each one of our temporary structures boasts practical and visual appeal, so that you’re able to hold any event with complete confidence. Temporary and modular building hire has never been so straightforward!

Browse the Neptunus range of semi, modular and temporary structures and get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your ideal solution.