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Flexibility, fast construction and reliable: the Alu Hall is more versatile than you can imagine

Alu Hall: a versatile, semi-permanent structure with limitless possibilities

The Alu Hall is a versatile semi-permanent structure consisting of a clear span aluminium framework. This structure has limitless possibilities for expansion and is compatible with all other Neptunus structure types.

  • Option: insulated wall panels and/or thermal roof
  • Optional opaque roof reflects light
  • The Neptunus raised cassette floor system ensures a stable and robust base.

The Alu Hall is supplied with rigid PVC sidewall panels or glass panels. The roof fabric can be supplied in opaque (non-permeable to light) or 80% translucent versions. For a longer (winter) period, it is also possible to equip the Alu Hall with insulated wall panels and a thermo roof. Sliding fabric curtain walls, glass pushbar doors or roll-up doors are also possible. The structure can be fully adapted to your requirements. The Neptunus rain gutter tensioning system ensures that the roof canopy stays taut at all times and rainwater is drained at central points. The structure is fitted with a raised Neptunus cassette floor as standard.

The Alu Hall is available in widths of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 32 metres (sidewall height 3 metres) and 32, 40 and 50 metres (sidewall height 4 metres). A higher sidewall height (up to +/- 4.5m) is also possible from 8 to 24 metres wide. The length is unlimited and can be expanded in increments of 5 metres. The Alu Hall can be connected to structures of the same type as well as other Neptunus designs and can be equipped with internal finishes to suit your requirements.

Neptunus-Aluhal-temporary-storage space

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