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United Nations Climate conference under sustainable roof

Organisations increasingly look for a sustainable solution for exhibition and conference spaces. Including the United Nations for the Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany. Temporary and sustainable Neptunus  structures were deployed for this climate conference. The temporary conference space was dismantled after the summit and returned to hire stock for re-use elsewhere. 

The temporary building totalling 1,500 m2 was erected adjacent to the Maritim Hotel and used as an additional meeting room for the conference  participants.  Internally the walls were clad to improve acoustics - an important factor at conferences.

The climate conference is held each year between the countries who signed the UN Climate treaty. At the end of 2012 the binding agreements concluded for the Kyoto Protocol expired. With that protocol 37 countries in total have agreed to decrease the CO-2 emission by an average 5.2%.

The Neptunus products were an obvious choice for this conference as they are sustainable, flexible and high quality.

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