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Sustainable, modular and reusable

Flexolution I: semi-permanent, modular structure with an extremely fast construction time

The Flexolution is an ingenious semi-permanent structure that goes one step further towards a permanent building. The Flexolution is the first semi-permanent structure to comply with the directives of the Buildings Decree. In terms of both appearance and qualities, the structure cannot be distinguished from a fixed, permanent building. The Flexolution provides maximum flexibility – not just with regard to period of use, but also in its design and execution.

  • Execution within a few weeks
  • Operational life from a few months up to 20 years
  • Modular: Flexible dimensions and design
  • Sustainable: Fully demountable and reusable
  • Energy-saving: Energy label A
  • Complies with the Buildings Decree standards
  • Excellent acoustic values
  • Available to hire or purchase

The Flexolution is a modular semi-permanent building. Suitable for any application, it is available in multiple dimensions, can be situated at any location for a period of use from months to several years.

After the desired period of use, the demountable semi-permanent Flexolution can by fully dismantled and reused. This makes it both flexible and sustainable.


Is the Flexolution suitable for you?

The Flexolution is a semi-permanent, modular structure with an extremely fast construction time. The building width, with a free span, is a maximum of 36 metres, while the building length can be extended without limit, in modules of 6 metres. The height is 8 metres as standard, but can be adjusted according to your requirements. There is the option of intermediate floors, space partitioning and integration of fittings such as automatic doors, rolling doors and climate control, etc.
Any application is possible; from a temporary shop to a semi-permanent sports hall or a temporary school or care institution. For more information contact one of our advisors for customised information.

play Neptunus-Flexolution-Sporthal-Tilburg-temporary-sports-structure

Time lapse: building a Flexolution

Technical Specifications

Type Material Thickness R Value * U Value *
Walls Steel sandwich panels 120 mm 4,96 m2k/W 0,203 W/m2K
Roof Steel sandwich panels 80/115 mm 3,26 m2k/W 0,299 W/m2K

* Minimum value

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