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Neptunus equipment inspires New York artist at Frieze London Art Fair

When temporary structure specialists Neptunus built a massive venue in the heart of London for an international arts fair they didn’t in their wildest dreams think part of their kit would end up in the exhibition.

But that’s just want happened when New York-born artist Matthew Lutz-Kinoy thought pedestals were unsuitable to place his ceramic works on and went off in search of an inspirational new way to display his art at Frieze London.

He found his ideal solution when he spotted timber links used to support the aluminium legs of the giant temporary exhibition halls erected by Neptunus in Regents Park to house the Frieze London and Frieze Masters art fairs.

Matthew’s work was being shown by the Freedman Fitzpatrick gallery based in Hollywood, Los Angeles.  The gallery’s co-owner Alex Freedman said: “We originally organised for pedestals to be produced to display Matthew’s ceramic plates but we didn’t like how they functioned in the space. Matthew went off to see if he could find an alternative method of displaying his plates which would be more in character with his work – the feel, texture and colour. He saw some of the wooden blocks outside and they were absolutely ideal to set the ceramics upon.”
Within hours of the exhibition opening all the ceramic plates were snapped up by collectors who paid £2,000 for each one.
Added Alex: “The collectors simply loved the way the plates had been displayed and asked if they could take the wooden display blocks too! “

The gallery’s booth also exhibited a range of Matthew’s contemporary paintings which were also all sold on the fair’s opening day for £5,500 each.

Said Matthew:  “It’s the first time the gallery has exhibited at Frieze London and I’m so proud that my works sold so quickly.  When I saw those wooden blocks outside the exhibition hall I knew they would look just perfect to sit the ceramics on, they worked a treat.”

Neptunus’ site manager Scott Thorburn said: “We couldn’t believe it when we were walking around the exhibition halls on the eve of the show and saw our timber links were supporting a work of art!”

Ben Keast, Project Director of Neptunus UK which is based in Northamptonshire, said: “We say our structures can provide the perfect solution for any space requirement but this is definitely one of the most unusual ways in which part of our equipment has been used.”

Frieze London, one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs, saw more than 140 international acclaimed galleries showcasing artwork and sculptures in a bespoke temporary exhibition venue constructed by Neptunus.

Frieze Masters meanwhile attracted over 120 leading international galleries for a unique exhibition of antiquities, old masters art and 20th century pieces at an event that ran in tandem with Frieze London in Regent’s Park from October 15-19.  Both events attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

Around 60 technicians from Northamptonshire-based Neptunus erected over 40,500 square metres of facilities, incorporating a range of 55 separate buildings, covering a space which is the equivalent to nearly six Wembley football pitches including a total of seven exhibition halls for the two venues.

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