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Neptunus creates bespoke venue for distillery’s 325th anniversary celebrations

Neptunus’ structures have been used to create an event space for The Netherlands’ oldest distillery which has celebrated its 325th anniversary.

The family-run Nolet Distillery in Schiedam was created in 1691 and was once one of around 400 distilleries situated in the region. Today, it is one of the only surviving distilleries in Schiedam, producing prestige spirts for world-wide consumption.

Originally created by Joannes Nolet to distill Janever, a spirit that was the forefather to Gin, the family have broadened their brands to include Ketel Vodka – named after the distillery’s original coal-fired copper pot still – which has become one of the world’s best-selling Vodkas.

This month the 10th and 11th generations of the Nolet family marked the historic 325th anniversary with two high-profile celebrations coordinated by London-based event management specialists TBA plc who appointed Neptunus to provide temporary structures for the unique celebration.

Each event was attended by 450 guests.  One was focused on industry leaders, media and bar tenders from around the globe while the second was a special celebration for distillery employees and their families. As part of the celebrations the Nolet Distillery was bestowed with a Royal warrant and is now known as the ‘Royal Nolet Distillery’.

To commemorate the historic occasion the distillery produced a limited edition one-litre bottle of Ketel Vodka in a distinctive matt copper finish.

Lily Crum, Project Leader of TBA plc, said: “This was an incredibly unique occasion for our agency to organise, revolving around celebrating the momentous anniversary and reflecting the great family heritage and history of the Nolet Distillery.  It was a highly prestigious celebration and was therefore important that we sourced the best suppliers available to support us which was why we appointed Neptunus to provide stylish structures to complement the wonderful setting of the Nolet Distillery.”

Neptunus technicians took just three days to build a bespoke venue at the distillery using two Alure Globe structures and an Alu Hall providing a VIP hospitality facility, reception and exhibition areas. Neptunus was also responsible for internal linings, carpets and air-conditioning.

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