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Neptunus builds temporary showroom for Audi TT

Structure specialist Neptunus created an amazing temporary showroom, incorporating an indoor driving circuit, in the centre of Frankfurt/M for the spectacular launch of the new Audi TT. The new Audi TT took centre stage in the purpose-built venue constructed by Neptunus on the corner of Brüsseler Straße and Osloer Straße, and opposite the 'Skyline Plaza' shopping centre.

VIP guests and enthusiasts watched a high-tech film presentation of Audi’s latest creation and then marvelled as the dynamic new model was put through its paces in a ‘live’ demonstration inside the bespoke auditorium built by Neptunus especially for the occasion.

Professional drivers took guests on a test drive along a 160 metre long circuit, following a 'straight run' as well as an integrated steep curve with a 58 degrees angled slope.  All cleverly designed inside the structure to demonstrate the power, performance and comfort of the latest Audi TT edition.

'Form follows function'
Neptunus has been a valued partner of the automotive industry for many years. Nevertheless, the building at the Frankfurt/M. location provided one of the most challenging motor projects ever for the Neptunus technicians.

'Form follows function' – this age-old architectural wisdom characterised the building. On the black cube a modern, futuristic design space solution only the Audi logo and the lettering 'TT' indicated the intended purpose for the showroom which was set up inside the Neptunus Evolution III ; one of the company’s most innovative and sustainable temporary buildings. 

The 45 m x 60 m structure with an exterior height of 10 m, had the appearance and characteristics of a permanent building. The wall and roof construction, made from aluminium sandwich panels, was built on the ground and positioned using a hydraulic lifting system. It took 14 Neptunus technicians just five days to erect.  Apart from the building and design, Neptunus was also responsible for the insulation, air conditioning, electricity and water supply of the temporary showroom constructed in October 2014. 

Neptunus’ Managing Director April Trasler said: “From 10m² to 20,000m² or even bigger, and from basic buildings to the every luxury, Neptunus’ structures and technology show that anything is possible no matter what the challenge!”

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