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Neptunus builds temporary Lidl store for Woodstock Festival

This year the Woodstock Festival in Poland will take place from July 14th-16th. The events’ visitors can enjoy the many concerts, workshops, and lots of other activities and services. To offer the visitors of the event fresh food and supplies, Neptunus Structures will build Lidl’s Rock shop, its warehouses and chill out zone for the sixth year in a row.

This year will be the 22nd edition of the event in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, which enjoys great popularity among rock music fans. Overall festival culture is changing, and a lot of festival visitors have higher demands when it comes to services and facilities. Completely in line with this trend of festival-goers wanting to enjoy the benefits and luxuries of everyday life, a temporary Lidl store at the event location will make their lives easier as they can buy anything they need. Visitors can purchase daily fresh groceries, cosmetics and even clothes such as t-shirts, underwear or socks. For those who forgot their camping equipment or made a last-minute decision to attend the event, there are even tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and torches available. Moreover, the prices are the same as in regular Lidl stores and festival-goers can pay by card, which helps eliminate long queues to ATMs.


Alu hall

The 20x90m hall for Lidl’s Rock Shop and warehouses for its stock are provided by Neptunus, a specialist in temporary supermarkets . The Alu Hall solution is very versatile and available in a multitude of widths which can also be linked together making it very suitable for temporary supermarkets. That is why Lidl is choosing for this structure again for this year’s edition of Woodstock Festival.

“We are very happy that we were commissioned to build a temporary Lidl store for this year’s Woodstock edition. This project is an exciting challenge for us because it requires a lot of smart planning. This is where our extensive experience and know-how of temporary supermarkets comes in. Together with Lidl we make sure that the infrastructure is as efficient as possible. We are confident that Lidl’s Rock Shop will contribute to the experience of the festival-goers in a positive manner” said Dorrie Eilers, CEO of Neptunus.

Lidl Woodstock

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